Residential and Commercial Storage Mandan ND

Offering a wide variety of residential and commercial self-storage units for customers in the Mandan/Bismarck area! Small and large units available. Call 701-391-0880!

Residential Storage

Need more space in your home? Moving and need to store your personal belongings? Riverwood Storage can help! We offer both long and short-term storage units in a range of sizes. Our self-storage unit sizes include 5 x 10, 10 x 10, 10 x 15, 10 x 20, 10 x 30, 10 x 40, 10 x 50, 12 x 20, 12 x 30, and 12 x 50. Our facility is also well lit and has security cameras to keep your belongings safe.

Commercial Storage

Does your business need an inexpensive and convenient way to store documents or electronics? Do you have merchandise that needs to be stored? Call Riverwood Storage today! We offer a wide variety of self-storage units that will store your business property safely. We are dedicated to providing high-quality customer service and a superior storage facility.

Not sure what size self-storage unit you need? Check out the self-storage chart below:

Out of the following sizes we currently offer:
5 x 10 10 x 10 10 x 15 10 x 20 10 x 30
10 x 40 10 x 50 12 x 20 12 x 30 12 x 50
Size: Suggested Storage Item Square Footage Cubic Footage Similar in Space to... Complete move from...
5 x 5
small storage units
Boxes, small furniture 25 200 Small Walk-in Closet  
5 x 10
secure storage
Couch and chairs, chest of drawers or dresser, mattress set, PLUS small items and boxes. Outdoor furniture. Lawnmowers, garden tools, etc. Bikes and/or motorcycles. 50 400 Large Walk-in Closet or Big Bathroom Small 1 bedroom apartment
5 x 15 Same as above. 75 600 Large Walk-in Closet  
10 x 10
business storage
Furniture from a one bedroom apartment without appliances, plus small items and boxes. 100 800 Average Bedroom 1 bedroom apartment
10 x 15
household storage
King-size mattress, major appliances, furniture, clothing, boxes, business merchandise, bikes, lamps and small items. 150 1200 Large Bedroom 2 or 3 bedroom house
10 x 20
extra storage
Furniture from a house without appliances, miscellaneous items, and cartons. Also suitable to store a car or truck and other small items. 200 1600 One Stall Garage 3 or 4 bedroom house
10 x 25
storage facility
King-size mattress and boxspring, major appliances, furniture, clothing, boxes, business merchandise, bikes, lamps, and other small items. 250 2000 Average One Stall Garage 4 or 5 bedroom house
10 x 30
short term storage
Furniture from big houses with miscellaneous items and boxes. Will hold contents of a 40-foot moving truck. Also suitable to store a car or truck and other small items as well as boats, other furniture, and cartons. 300 2400 Two Stall Garage 5+ bedroom house
10 x 40   400 3200    
12 x 30   360 5400    
12 x 40   480 3840    
12 x 60   720 5760